Decreasing Resistance and abandon emotions

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I am writting this essay regarding the emotions and their influence in our daily life due to the great importance they have. Stress is tiring and when I look at my yoga students, I can see it in their face, but also I can appreciate it in their bodies.

Due to my students think that life is causing their stress, they keep trying to scape from the emotions, and don't realize that the thinking actually reinforces those emotions instead of taking them out. As a result, it is difficult to relax, what is more, they are lost in this cycle, completely unaware that this way of living is the source of all their suffering. Everyone at any time, has got a doubt or fear or concern (in his mind) and that has been nagging at he for ages. In my case, I was lucky that I don't do things by halves and when I started with Yoga some years ago, I did it very thouroughly, to the point that it was starting to have a positive impact in my working life and relationships, and consequently in my quality of life.

According to what Yoga predicted, when I curiously explored a thought in my mind, at the beginning was hard and painful but as I become more skillful managing emotions I was more comfortable with them and I noticed It seemed to disapear as soon as they welled up in my  inner world.  I realized that this sensations, concerns and so on are no more than paper tigers that dissipate from my mind no sooner I detected them.

In concluson, only when you are able to manage your emotions the stress will perish of your mind. And that exactly is what Yoga do, becasue after all, as Patanjali summarize:


         Yoga is the Stilling of the modifications of the mind.

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