What could improve your country’s economic power?

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Nine times out ten people think selfishly instead of thinking about how to help society. Everybody has been educated to stock up on wealth because they think, “you never know when you might need it”. Thus, selfishness and fear of the future are at the root of every problem in the world. Therefore, I am of the opinion that there is enough wealth in my country and in the world as well. Consequently, there is no need for land to be developed for housing and industrial purposes.

In fact, we are not going to find out  the answer to this problem by looking out there but rather by looking inside ourselves and practicing meditation.  Meditation will show you that you are just pure consciousness and you are not different from  others. By understanding it for real, you are going to take what you need for this moment and leave the rest for your fellow human being.

In summary, to make the long story short, every idea will solve the problem partially because shortly afterwards, selfish people will create a new problem. Then, it is time for meditation, especially for business leaders, because they have a big influence on their country’s economic power, and, thank God, companies are increasingly beginning to introduce meditation techniques which lead to better results for them as well.



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